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A Quick Intro to Next Gen

A Quick Intro to Next Gen

Welcome to our website and to our unique fantasy products. Next Gen has a pretty simple philosophy: cutting edge thinking wrapped in very visual and intuitive products. We play fantasy all the time, all different sports and formats -- we design from a user's point of view.  We invite you to get to know us through our products, at a very reasonable price, and we think you'll come back!  We're starting to move our focus to Android phone apps - so expect the same kinds of great fantasy functionality on your Android phone.

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Fantasy Football Talk
Archived 2011 Podcast from regular joes with a passion for fantasy football
Breaking down the players and strategies you need to win your league

How The Grid Works Episode:  Download Here

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Music Alley

Try our 2012 Fantasy/Rotisserie Baseball Draft Grid App: Click Here 

by Russ: Great app for tracking a whole draft, including all teams, if you can hook your device to a flatscreen, everyone could see it at once.