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  1. I have Ben Tate, trying to get some trade bait for him and getting mid-tier WR offers (Anquan Boldin and Nate Burleson) and QBs like Josh Freeman, should I dump him now and sell high? I am pretty stacked at RB with guys like Forte, Starks and Wells.
  2. Not sure what to do with my Johnson, Tell me this is just a slow start? RB waiver wire is just awful, but anyone worth taking?
  3. Listened to your podcast last week, you should go through game by game once for the next week.. Listening to a last weeks review and then another game by game review of the next week was exhausting.... Like the show though!!! Question for next week... With Vick hurt, I have Freeman as my backup or I could pick up a guy like Hassleback or Orton off the wire?
  4. It was little bit of a wash, but I took your guys advice and traded Tate for Britt.. Tate went a little crazy, but Britt is off the hook Yo! I didn't mind the guy dissing me either, saying Tate is gonna be bumpin this year, cause I don't want that week to week headache of deciding between Foster and Tate, besides when Foster is healthy he should be da man... Just a quick question this week,, Is Fred Davis still worth grabbing off Waivers? Thanks Bitches.
  5. people are going to stop listening to your podcast if you don't fix these forums,, THEY SUCK!!!
  6. Not Sure What Do in the Running Back position, like you guys I had later first round picks and wound up with the Johnsons Andre and Calvin, and now my running backs stink.. I have a collection of losers with A. Bradshaw, F. Jones, Cedric Benson (decent in week 1), and Mark Ingram, not sure if Waiver Wire is the way to go (Roy Helu, Dexter McCluster), or start offering up my stud Receivers. HELPPP???
  7. Quick Week 3 question for you. I heard your love for Frank Gore last week and I need help as I had J. Charles.. Should I pick-up Thomas Jones or Dexter McCluster or ride it out with A. Bradshaw, F. Gore and Shon Greene? I know I know.. My RBs SUCK!!!!!!
  8. We Recap the Week 1 games and breakdown which matchups to exploit in the Week 2 games.
  9. We recap Week 1 and breakdown the games for Week 2. A little late for your waiver wire pickups thanks to Rob "The Bastard", but still plenty of good stuff for you to chew and choke to death on.
  10. I need an RB, Have Steven Jackson and Arian Foster.. Think I'm screwed.. Who should I grab? Is Marcel Reese worth anything?
  11. Who To Start In Week 2? 10 Team League, Need to start two of the following receivers Devrey Henderson, Wes Welker, Steve Smith (Carolina), Vincent Jackson. Already Starting Calvin Johnson... Jealous! WDIS?
  12. I picked up B. Tate as an H.Cuff for A.Foster and have some tough match-ups this week. I know it is up in the air if Foster plays, but I got a trade offer K. Britt for B. Tate and I'm thinking I should pounce, but I'm hurting for RBs if Foster is still out.. What to Do, What to Do?
  13. Mendy vs BAL, Greene vs DAL, Felix vs NYJ, D Will vs ARI
  14. Final Thoughts Before The Season Begins. We answer the final forum questions and gear up for the regular season including giving you a look at how we plan to roll during the season.. Good Luck In Week One, The NFL is HERE BABY!
  15. We will be starting our regular season podcast following the Week 1. next Tuesday night.. Get your questions in by Tuesday at 5:00p.m. GOOD LUCK IN WEEK ONE!
  16. Recorded our last podcast before the regular season last night.. Will be live on the site and on iTunes later tonight
  17. Who are some of the hot post draft waiver wire pickups? I'm not hot on my RBs right now and was curious who I could look for on the wire that still might be available, but offer some solid value? I was looking at guys like Ben Tate and Jerome Harrison.. also talk about the hot guys that may be there at other positions
  18. I have a match-up question for week 1.. Best at Tampa Bay or Mendenhal at Balt.. Who Do I Start? HIT ME!!!
  19. Geeze its like a couple a sailors just reached port. Just missed this show, but a question for next week.. Who the heck do I start week 1 at QB, Stafford Vs. TB or Brady Vs. Mee-A-Mee?
  20. Our Draft Extravaganza Finale Show! We answer your questions and talk about the final relevent positions.. Next Week we will do a Draft Wrap-Up and tell you about our podcast format for the upcoming regular season!
  21. We recorded our Draft Extravaganza Finale last night! Should be live a little later today.. Having trouble with our hosting company getting the feed uploaded...
  22. Good TE Move?
  23. When is everyone in here drafting?
  24. Hey Guys, Thanks again for the listening and wanted to make sure we let ya know we are going to get one more show in before the season starts, we are targetting next Monday for our final Draft Extravaganza covering TEs, Defenses, Auctions and may touch on IDP a little bit.. We'll also announced our regular season format on that Podcast... Be Cool, for now I'm Out!
  25. I think Philly's D will be like hittin a brick wall with no cracks... My favorite overall D is the Steelers... PENN HAS GOT THE D! Who should I target in late rounds and which Ds will be off the board?
  26. In my recent draft i waited until Gates, Clark, and V. Davis were gone and grabbed Finley before Witten. What do you think about Finley this year and also what do you think about the guys outside of the big 5? (Gates, Clark, Witten, Finley, Davis?) Also who will be the top TE in NE? Hernandez or Gronkowski?
  27. Havent finished the whole show yet but heard you guys mentioning McFaddens nickname. Just wanted to say that the best nickname for McFadden is RUN DMC! Ill post some more questions after I finish listening!
  28. Check It Out...
  29. The Wide Receivers Show is now live.. We answer your questions and go on a dangerous journey into unacceptable language and wide receivers.
  30. Hey Guys, listening to the grid show because I was totally lost on how it worked, I'll let you know how it goes... WR question for you... I have the 2nd overall pick and I'm going to try to capture an elite running back and hoping a semi-stud like SJAX or DMAC will be available, my question is coming back early in the 3rd round, I'll be targetting a Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin or even a Wes Welker.. What do you guys think?
  31. Download this bonus episode of Fantasy Football Talk, that is only located here on the website and not on iTunes.. It is a 40 minute tutorial on to use the Grid drafting tool. Here is the link:
  32. WR Show is on for Wednesday night.....
  33. I needed you guys and you let me down. My draft was thursday and you recorded on Tues. for me, but couldn't download until late Thursday. Don't worry I still like you guys. Hey I got Dwayne Bowe in the 3rd round a my first WR, good or bad value?
  34. I know you guys think SF is fantasy poison so I'm going a different direction with my WR question. I have the 11th pick in my draft and I want to go RB as I know R.mend will be there, but 2nd I want to go WR. Who can I expect to be there at the end of round 2?
  35. first off i have to be honest...the reason i downloaded from itunes the first time was because of the explicit tag. Was looking for something that would be more like me and my friends discussing FF. So im up for more cussing, you wont hurt my feelings. Have a few WR questions. First of all on my own personal rankings I have Megatron #1 and Nicks #2....What do you think of NICKS this year? Also thinking of targeting V JAX after seeing the first Chargers preseason game. I think him and Rivers will be money. Also after week 1 of preseason what about Julio Jones? All i have heard in camp is this kid lighting it up and then he comes out in preseason and looks like a beast. I know the usual Rookie WRs never pan out but at some point there will be another Randy Moss like freak. Could this kid be it? Seems like as low as you could get him he would would probly have the highest ceiling of the guys around him. Also after watching I think I will be staying away from Roddy this year....think this kid is the real deal and could eat into his production. Thanks guys and btw this is quickly becoming my favorite podcast and love being able to post in the forums and hear my question answered on air!.....
  36. Just listened to your new RB Show, good job.. You prompted us to post in the forum if we would like to hear more curse words. I'm in. WR question for you and I heard you say the words "keeper league" for the first time.. I know what that is and my question is actually keeper league related... I have AJ and CJ but they will cost me a 1st and 2nd rounder respectively and if I threw AJ back into the mix I have a shot at MJD as a repalcement.. I know you guys hate MJD, but would you take AJ over him in a keeper, because RBs are so hard to come by in a keeper?
  37. A lot of the other shows say don't even think about drafting until the last week of August and fo sure not until camp and the preseason are hummin'. When do you guys think the best time to draft is? and what if you don't have a choice? One 4 da WR show as well... Maclin's scaring me yo, he's ailin and there ain't no explaining, They sign NYGs Steve Smith and homey's got a gorked knee., so can we surive with Jackson and Avant and what Fantasy Value Does Avant have until Mac and Smith return?
  38. Say you have your big 3 : (Roddy White, Andre & Calvin Johnson), how many tiers do you have in your grid. I love the idea of drafting Sidney Rice late or players of that caliber. Do you think the hype of those big 3 is warranted? I mean in your previous podcast you talked about draft value, are you so much better having Reggie Wayne than Sidney Rice? (probably a difference of at least 3 or 4 rounds). I agree with the theory of drafting a RB first, but you must have a player in the first round who is a cut above the rest at their position. I look at it like trying to outscore the team you are playing at a position. Anyways my question are 1) How many wr's are in tier 1? Who are they? Lastly, where do you rank importance overall as far as (Wide Reciever tier 1) verse (QB their 1) or (RB tier 2)? If possible, could you rank in order of importance each position (QUARTERBACK, RUNNINGBACKS, WIDE RECEIVERS, AND TIGHT ENDS) against each other using each tier at a position as a different set? Example RB1, HALF OF RB2, QB1, WR1, BOTTOM 1/2 OF RB2, AND SO FORTH. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME GUYS, SERIOUSLY ENJOYED THE PODCAST. LISTENED MULTIPLE TIMES SO I COULD GIVE A PROBING QUESTION? HOPE YOU ENJOY ANSWERING IT, I LOOK FORWARD TO LISTENING. P.S. COULD ROB BREAK DOWN THE P&R DRAFT PLEASE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR A CONSTRUCTIVE BREAKDOWN, ANALYSIS, AND PREDICTIONS. MISS YOUR INPUT IN THE LEAGUE ROB, HOPE ALL IS WELL.
  39. The Running Backs show is now live, where we go through our running backs tiers, when you should draft those tiers and as always answering your forum questions.
  40. Check Out Our New Show, Part 3 of the Draft Extravaganza our Running Backs Show... Also, post questions on the forum for next weeks WR episode!
  41. Loved the QB show guys. Had my thoughts on why I would put "Big Ben" in tier 2. My reasoning is they have Cleveland and Cincinati as 4 games. One of the Cleveland games is during the first week of most leagues playoffs. Secondly, they play home against St. Louis in the Championship week (WEEK 16 - NFL). Anyhow, just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to the podcast Paul & Rob. Can't wait for the next one.
  42. I know you guys are leaning towards QBs and WRs towards the end of the first round, but then when do I take Gore?
  43. We're recording our RB show soon! Please post any quesitons you would like addressed on the show by 8:00p.m. on Sunday, 08/07/2011
  44. Just curious if you guys will get your IDP show in before the end of August? Also, RB question for you... Even with Foster's Hammy problems, I'm still targetting him 2nd overall, but very nervous about Chris Johnson's holdout, so what do you guys think of the following 3 guys for 3rd overall: Ray Rice or MJD?
  45. This forum is for the Next Gen Fantasy Sports community to ask each other questions or advice on Fantasy Football. Do not post questions for the podcast here as they are only answered from the "Fantasy Football Talk Podcast" forum marked "Put Your Questions for the Show Here!"
  47. Love the QB show, and the breakdown of the Tiers by rounds was excellent. Anyway you could squeeze your RB show in and put it online by next Wednesday.. My draft is Thursday, Aug 11th and I'd love to hear your breakdown of the RBs... I know my draft is early, my commish and my league stinks. Anybody in here want to start a league? also, FIX YOUR FORUMS, I can't see replies.
  48. Was at Camp Yesterday and Asante Samuel had a buggin' INT, he went high-stepping up the field and the crowd went off the hook, yo! and I ain't from NJ fools, I'm a Philly Clone all the way!!! Was listening to one of the other shows who are RB heavy and those guys are giving Vick some love at the end of the 1st round or Early 2nd, COME ON FOOLS, we got the dream team now, Vick is HIIIIIGHHH Reward and medium risk.... Are D-Line looks sick though and not in a good way... Question for the RB show... McCoy and R.Brown, what can we expect and where should I target Ronnie Brown now that he will be our Wild Cat Boy in Philly?
  49. This is Jeremy from the Fitzgarald question and yes you did say my name right. but to save you the sake of repeating it over and over just call me INDY Jeremy from now on. I am in a 6 team non ppr big money league with friends. I know its small but actually is my favorite league since the rosters are so stacked. Its actually a lot harder to figure out who to play and takes more work. I have the #2 pick and the first guy is going to take Peterson. Who would you go here and why? I have flipped back and forth from CJ2K and Foster and even gave consideration to Charles. Right now im settled on Foster but would love your oppinions. Also you asked for this years Arian Foster....I believe it will be who ever takes over mid season for the COLTS when Addai and Brown get hurt and are inneffective. Not sure how it will shake out but could be Delone Carter, Darren Evans or Devin Moore but 1 will get a shot and be fantasy gold in that offense!
  50. Part 2 of our Draft Extravaganza - The Quarterbacks Show is now live. We breakdown and go deep with the Quarterbacks covering our tiers and which QBs you should target in which rounds. We also answer your questions and give you our sleeper and bust of the week.
  51. Hey Guys, Thanks again for listening our Quarterback show was recorded this morning and wanted let you we have a twitter account.. Follow us @fantfoottalk on twitter where we plan on tweeting when our new episodes are ready.
  52. Love your podcast!! Can you do me a solid and grid me up? :) I'd love to try it out for my live draft. I appreciate your PPR advice- most podcasts don't put enough attention to the difference. I'm not sure about the <3 for McFadden tho... Forte was pretty consistent in PPR last season. Foster, Vick, Roddy White were $$. I'd love to kill this draft & show these boys a girl can dominate back-to-back seasons. Would love to use the Grid to make it happen!!! :)
  53. Thanks all to posted questions, We will stop taking questions for this week's show at 10:00p.m. as we will be recording for tomorrow.
  54. My question is either DeAngelo Willams or Jonathan Stewart worth drafting as an RB 1 with Carolina's recent resigning of Williams? I would like to get a copy of the Grid?
  55. I was listening to another podcast "that I won't mention", who stated they would not post their QB rankings until Free Agency was finished. So far all I've seen we're a bunch of junk starting QB moves "Kolb to Arizona, Tavaris to Seattle, McNabb to Minnesota", Are any of the QB free agency moves of consequence? Also, when can I take a look at your guys ranking sheets?
  56. Your podcast is nice, but you have one of the ugliest websites I have ever seen. Was going to post a question, but started to get sick from all the yellow and had to go.
  57. What kind of value does McNabb have in Minnesota? With Rice gone and Percy Harvin's migrane troubles, does he have any value at all?
  58. Hoping for a free copy of the grid. My e-mail is My question: Is Kolb in the top tier of QBs now that he's in Arizona?
  59. Where would you rank Fitz now after the Kolb deal? How can i recieve a free Football Grid?
  60. Have a question for your QB show... What the F@#k are the 49ers going to do at Quarterback? Only Kaepernick and Alex Smith are on the roster? You guys are from Michigan you know Harbaugh, Tell me he has some magic up his sleeve
  61. Looking forward to your QB show this week, expect to hear some love and no hatin on Vick. My top three are Rodgers, Vick and Brady and I plan to get one. My question is what round do you Brady going in? How long can I wait.
  62. Draft Extravaganza Part 1 is live! Give us some feedback.. particularly on iTunes.. Next Week is Part 2, where he hit up QBs
  63. The Draft Extravaganza Podcast is now live.. Have a listen and give us feedback.. Next Week we are going to focus on the Quarterback position and with the Free Agency frenzy of Kolb, McNabb, Hassellback and others moving to new starting spots, we'll have much to talk about!
  64. Those who answered questions big thanks! Appreciate you guys listening.. Quick update for y'all we just recorded our latest episode last night and answered your great and not-so-great questions. The episode should be live tomorrow on the site and in the feed. We're hoping to go weekly from this point forwarded.
  65. Enjoyed your first podcast, but before I'm sold I need to put you to the test. You made a comment about Ray Rice as a potential 4th overall pick in a PPR league. This was the only mention I heard of PPR on your entire show. Will you guys discuss both Standard Scoring and PPR formats and what are your thoughts, feelings and innermost desires on the differences between the two scoring systems?
  66. Listened to your last podcast and generally agree with the value of running backs over other positions, but your guys need to open your eyes.. Michael Vick ran the rock 100 times last year for 676 yards (6.8 yards per carry). He also ran in 9 TDs! That stat alone makes him like a top 20 RB in TDs and top 30 in yardade, throw in the 3,000 yards 21 touchdowns he threw and I'll take him 1st overall anyday... You guys keep your running backs this year, I'll take 2 players in one 1 anyday.
  67. Last year I noticed kickers sometimes score 15 or 17 points in a single game. Do you think that I should draft a kicker before a wide receiver or tight end. Speaking of tight ends, I can't wait for the draft this year. All these tight ends, maybe make one loose?
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  70. What is your favorite feature of the grid?